Friday, August 17, 2012

Too Many Shootings

This year we have seen many gunmen opening fire in public places. I am being to wonder if the warmer temperate has caused people to loose their mind. First, there was the mall shooting. Then a shooter opened fire in a cinema. About a month later, a shooter went into a place of worship and killed people. Now in Texas a university has been shot up. This is getting to be ridiculous. Everyone needs to just take a few moments and duck his or her heads under a cold shower.

The other day I was talking to my dad about all the resent shootings. Because he is a truck driver, he travels all of the continual United States. I told him to stay out of crowded places. The one thing that all of the shootings have in common is all of them were public places with a good many people. He agreed.

I have been praying for the victims of these horrific acts of violence. I believe that something needs to be done to prevent violent acts like this. At the same time, I am not sure that anything could be done without inadvertently taking away from the freedom that we have here in America. Gun control is a great idea, but obviously it is difficult achieve. Many people in my family own guns. They like to go hunting. This is a great way to cut a grocery bill in half. I personally do not have the heart to shoot anything, but a normally pay my dad to go get me a couple of deer every year. I said all of that to say, from what I have heard on television, the gunmen had about three times more ammunition than any member of my family would use in one year. Therefore, I believe that ammunition control may be a better way to prevent some of these violent acts.

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